Year 11 bridging

Such a long stretch of independent study will be a new experience for most Year 11 students.

The aim of the bridging activities is to create excitement and interest for the subjects being studied at A Level, for this reason we don’t want to give a recommended time per day as such.

When making a plan you may consider that during A Level studies, if studying 3 A Levels, you will have approximately 3 hours of lessons per day. You will also be expected to spend at least 5 hours a week, per subject, on independent study, this may include homework, wider reading, and research tasks, for example. Therefore a good starting point could be to spend at least 3 hours per day engaging with bridging activities.

Here are some top tips for successful studying at home and creating good study habits for the future.


Completing a study timetable for each week can be a helpful approach and give a sense of accomplishment. This can be done electronically or on paper.

Here is an electronic version which you may like to use:

You should click on the ‘view’ menu and ‘make a copy’ to make your own copy.

It can be motivating to create a to-do list. This can be paper based or digital (Google Keep is excellent for this).

Trello is a free app that many A Level and University students use. It has a multitude of features to track projects and help your organisation


Recognise that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Some tasks, like building a website, may lend themselves to longer periods of focus.

Read over the bridging tasks and allocate appropriate time. Use your study plan to manage your time. Ensure you pace yourself appropriately, factor into your plan down time, when you will continue with your hobbies.


Although you may be competing with others in your household, try to mark out a work space.. Set boundaries with others.

If your study space is now the kitchen table, try to get an agreement that it is yours alone for a set time period. When you have completed your allocated work for the day, put your work equipment away. This will help you to switch off.


Reach out and connect with other students. You can choose your preferred method for this, Google classroom is one option but there are many.


Not everyone has access to a laptop and reliable WiFi. If you are struggling to access any of the activities set through technical difficulties or for any other reason please contact your teacher and/or Head of Department, if it is a subject you don’t currently take. Although you don’t have your regular timetable we are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.


Getting up at the same time and maintaining a regular bedtime can do wonders for your well being.


Try to eat healthily and exercise. You will be amazed at the benefits from exercising and eating well. Remember to include exercise time into your study plan.

Useful links for eating well: -

Useful links for exercising: - couch to 5k

There are numerous YouTube videos for HIIT workouts, yoga, pilates and many more.