Computer Science - year 11 bridging activities

Bridging Topic 1 - Web Technologies

1) Using notepad ++ (or any text editor) complete the activities in the booklet below:


Learning objectives;

Be able to create a basic webpage using HTML tags.

Be able to style HTML elements using CSS.

Be able to explain the difference between inline, embedded and external CSS.

Some of your will add interactivity to your webpage using Javascript.

2) Use this tutorial to understand good practice when creating a webpage layout with HTML and CSS

(The media queries is beyond A Level but interesting and relevant)

Bridging Topic 2 - High Level Programming using C#

1) For these activities you can use a browser to access the tutorial site. Work through the C# topics seen in the image below. Attempt the activities. Preparing some notes will save you time in the future.

Learning Objectives

Be able to apply your understanding of programming to a new language

Understand the basic syntax of C#

2) Students often use C# for their A Level programming projects. In school we would use Visual Studio as our development environment. There is no need to install this at home. For the learning activities above, you can use the 'Run Example' buttons to run C# in your browser.

Bridging Topic 3 - Low Level Programming using the Little Man Computer simulator

1) Using a browser for the simulator, complete the activities in the booklet below:

1.2.3 LMC booklet Bridging Work

Learning Objectives:

Be able to describe the main CPU components

Understand the use of assembly language instructions/mnemonics in a simulator

Be able to create assembly language programs in a simulator

2) Here is a list of useful video clips to help you through this bridging work.

If you are stuck on anything please email Mr Taylor

Bridging activity 4 - Cryptography

Cryptography is a fascinating subject that has been around for thousands of years. It has decided wars and is used extensively in modern times to protect our private communication over networks. Students of A Level Computer Science will learn about public and private key cryptography.

This Khan Academy Course takes you from ancient to modern cryptography. I suggest completing the first four sections. The links are below:

Ancient cryptography


Cryptography challenge 101

Modern cryptography

Further tasks that may be of interest - Live penetration testing. Possible employment opportunities if you do well in the rankings.

Learn about Cyber security at the movies