Spanish - year 11 bridging activities


It is now more important than ever to learn a language. Spanish is spoken by over 580 million people all over the world, with over 490 million native speakers. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin. Grammar and independent work are two of the most challenging skills for students who move from GCSE to A-Level. We have prepared the below tasks to help you, have fun and let us know if you need anything!

The MFL Team

grammar practice

Please click on the link above, read and take notes of the information for each tense and complete the activities online.

1. The Present Tense

2. The Present Tense 2

3. The Preterite

4. The Imperfect Tense

5. The Future Tense

6. The Conditional Tense


vocabulary and culture

Please complete these tasks to research and learn more about Spanish vocabulary and culture, which you will use as part of the A-Level course.

1. Research project - research one of the regions in Spain or a famous Spanish speaker (remember that most countries in Central and South America speak Spanish!). Put together a PowerPoint (minimum 6 slides) in Spanish with your findings.

2. Click here or below to access a document. Please read the text and complete the activities.

3. Click here or below left to access, El Boletín, a dedicated news round in Spanish.

Despacito - Bridging work.pdf
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1- MasterChef - TV Cooking Programme

There are three versions: amateur, junior and celebrity. We recommend that you start with the celebrity one. Watch "Programas Completos".

2 - El Ministerio del Tiempo - Series.

3 - Ocho Apellidos Vascos - Comedy Film.

4 - El Orfanato - Terror Film.

5 - Lyricstraining - To practise with music in Spanish.

6. La Vanguardia - Spanish newspaper